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5  Developers

1 Designer


6 Weeks

Gyldendal sought to improve student engagement and focus in classrooms while not creating more digital distractions. The existing suite of educational tools were not sufficiently interactive or engaging to maintain students' attention during lessons. For this project,  the development of a new service called "Magasin" (Magazine in Norwegian) served as the context for our development, although it was also made to integrate with other content in other tools.


Interactive Features For Education Applications

Teacher's Toolkit for Engaging Classrooms

"Panel" was designed to integrate with Gyldendal's existing apps, fostering interactive on-screen teaching. It syncs teacher displays with student devices, enabling varied educational activities and classroom participation through a browser experience.

During the six-week project, I was an intern leading the UX design with a team of intern developers to create "Panel", made to support Gyldendal's educational offerings with additional interactivity.


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