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Electronics Playground

Over the course of a week, I explored prototyping with the Circuit Playground Express, which is easy to use, allowing me to be creative with the technology and play around with the various sensors and features.

Breadboard Beast

You'd be grateful that this creature is no larger than a breadboard. Once I attached servos to the CPX and programmed it to respond to auditory stimuli, I brought to life a peculiar beast. When not disturbed silence, it slumbers; however, when exposed to a sudden, loud noise, chaos ensues.


Fortunately, the creature is rather timid, so if you're not afraid of hurting its feelings, a sharp shout or snap will put it back into a peaceful sleep.


Tea Time

To ensure that your tea-drinking experience is delightful, the CPX monitors the temperature and alerts you when the tea has reached the optimal drinking temperature. The CPX's integrated sensors detect the temperature and changes color to let you know when its ready for consumption.

Saving you from scalding sips and tepid tastes, allowing you to fully savor and appreciate every cup of tea in its prime.

Perfect 😙🤌

Button Music

This simple arpeggiator was made by using buttons to alter tempo and notes. While the resulting device was relatively limited in its functions, it was a valuable learning experience. It allowed me to explore the integration of technology and software in music creation. This hands-on journey helped me gain a deeper understanding of essential elements of music, and electronics can come together.

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