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Ferry Network Development in Oslo

This project charts a course for launching a ferry network in Oslo, drawing on complex network theory for growth strategies.

Spring 2022

1. Pilot Phase

Initiate a boat-taxi service in the Oslofjord, testing location demand and collecting usage data to refine the roadmap and identify prime locations for infrastructure enhancements, such as charging stations or docks.

2. Expansion Phase

Enhance existing docks and build new charging sites driven by user demand. Building on the knowledge from electric boat builders and stakeholders like Candela as a contributor to the ferry network.

3 - Integration Phase

Treating each dock as a node in the network increases the network's value and connectivity for each new dock added. Selvaag's interest in the project underscores the network's potential impact on local communities, and property development.


Beta Mobility

(Service Design)


6 Weeks

We delivered a multi-faceted roadmap featuring service concepts, touchpoint prototypes, a comprehensive report, and a zine for our client to share with stakeholders. Recognized for its innovative approach, the project was a contender for Halogen's Prize for Complexity and received attention from Ruter, Oslo's public transport entity.


Roadmap for establishing a ferry network

Organic Network Development

We envisioned a network evolving in tandem with user commuting patterns, underpinning a robust and flexible transportation system that expands in response to actual demand.


1. Limitation

Identified stakeholders, assessing their needs and potential contributions.

2. Planning

Structured stakeholder interviews, workshops, and field studies.

3. Involvement

Collected user insights and fostered stakeholder participation.

4. Mapping 

Surveyed the existing infrastructure of the Oslo fjord.

5. Service Development

Synthesized insights to form novel service concepts.

1. Limitation

Map out stakeholders' needs and contributions to the network.

2. Planning

Plan interviews workshops and field-studies to be done.

3. Involvement

Gather user insights and present the project for stakeholder involvement.

4. Mapping 

Map out existing infrastructure in the Oslo-fjord.

5. Service Development

Combine insights into service concepts. 

Systems Oriented Approach

Adopting a macro perspective, we concentrated on the network's collective functionality, rather than the detailed interactions of the individual services.

Our course partner's desire was to alleviate Oslo's traffic congestion without further road construction. With the city's expansion outpacing its infrastructure, our proposal leverages the expansive "infrastructure" of the sea to expedite travel and ease land-based congestion.


Solve traffic congestion without building roads

Read the Report

Download and read the short format report. Only available in Norwegian.


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