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The outcome was a physical prototype made to test the functionality and feasibility of this product. The draft provided by the opening was sufficient for the sprouts to stay fresh while growing. The prototype was made in foam and spray-painted. The sprout tray was vacuum-formed and holes were punched for drainage.


Functional and visual foam prototype

Initial Sketching

Realizing that only visually appealing appliances earn a permanent spot on kitchen counters, I aimed to design a product that offers both utility (for sprouts) and visual appeal (for herbs).

Home Prototyping  in Lockdown

Workshop closures shifted prototyping to my home, using pizza boxes to refine the product's size and form, emphasizing a design that appears light and compact.

Define limitations

To accommodate store-bought herbs, I measured various commercial pots to ensure universal fit within my design.

Foam Prototyping

I crafted foam models using a lathe, benefiting from the clear planning and understanding of tool constraints established during the design phase. Ceramic prototyping was unfeasible due to time and workshop constraints.


Initial Sketching

Through the insights, I realized that only pretty or practical products got a spot on the kitchen counter, and all other appliances are hidden in the cupboard. I wanted to create an appliance worth having on the counter by providing it with functional(Sprouts) and aesthetic value(Herbs).

Pizza Box Prototyping In Lockdown

As the workshop closed, I had to create a prototype at home. This was essential to get the sizes and proportions correctly, and led me to realize how important it was to make a shape that create an impression of a light and small object.

Define Limitations

Having store-bought herbs as the pot's content, it was clear that it had to fit many variations of the standard pots. I measured all the different variants I could get my hands on to ensure they could fit a wide variety of store-bought pots.

Foam Prototyping

Using a lathe, I created the prototype in Foam.  I already thought of what tools to use and their limitations already in the concept creation, which shortened my time in the workshop. I could not create the prototype in its intended ceramic material because of the limited time and workshop available to me.


Solo Project



Skaugum Of Norway

(Product Design)


4 Weeks

Lasting Herbs & Growing Sprouts

Herbs + Sprouts is a dual-function ceramic pot designed for growing sprouts and prolonging the freshness of store-bought herbs.

A self-watering system maintains optimal soil moisture. Being stackable, it allows for the cultivation of multiple sprout trays.

Foam Sculpting, Concept Development and Physical Prototyping.

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