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The outcome was a full-scale 3D print of a shower chair. By creating a standard connection for the legs, the user could mix and match the different seat sizes with the legs to create their desired chair. Human bodies are different. Ludvig is different.


Tailored and modular shower chair


4 Designers


Product Design 

In Context


3 Weeks

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The primary users of shower chairs are often elderly people who need it. Form definitely does follow function in the examples shown above. We wanted to challenge this aesthetic and make something practical also look good. This way, we can introduce the concept of a shower chair as something luxurious.


What you need should also be what you want

Initial 3D modelling

After user insights, and sketches, I started sketching out different possibilities using poly-modeling. Trying to use Solid Work with NURBS modeling was slow and made it challenging to experiment with different shapes, so I switched to Blender.

VR Prototyping

Although  3D-printing miniature models of the chairs were beneficial during the lockdown, my earlier experience has been that understanding proportions is difficult in 3D software and small-scale models. I decided to import the models into VR to understand the proportions better.

Full Scale 3D-Print

After we had finalized the design in Blender, we recreated the chair in SolidWorks to send it to print. The model had to be split up into individual parts for printing. Although it was nice to 3D print something in full scale, I would argue that there are cheaper and faster alternatives for prototyping.

Direct 2 Costumer

Ordering the chair is easy using our website assisting you through the steps to find the right-sized shower chair. Here you can make sure the shower chair satisfies your needs while also fitting in your shower.


Ludvig - Shower chair

Ludvig is an ergonomic chair for older adults who need support and aid in the shower while also being aesthetic.

We learned to use rapid prototyping as a part of the process and utilized full-scale 3D printing as a design tool.

Solid Works, Poly-modelling, 3D-printing, Materials and Ergonomics.

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