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The outcome was a service concept for a C2C delivery service aimed at second-hand shoppers. The deliverables included a service blueprint, brand strategy, visual identity, and physical touchpoints such as bags and uniforms. 


Delivery Service Concept and Brand Strategy


Sunniva Wildhagen

and Me


Service Design & Branding


3 Months

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Participants in qualitative survey


Qualitative semi-structured interviews.


Domain expert interviews


Competing services analyzed

The brand strategy focuses on conveying the service's flexibility and efficiency, to communicate that the service saves time in everyday life. The service of transporting goods for individuals made it essential to convey a sense of trust to the users.


Branding and Visual Identity

Local Delivery Service

Sus is a C2C delivery service supporting the growth of the secondhand market in Norway.

The service aims to make it easier for people to sell unwanted items without physically meeting with the buyer or going to the post office.

Service Blueprint, Personas, Brand Strategy and Visual Identity.

Read the Report

Download and read the short format report. Only available in Norwegian.

The Norwegian second-hand, and sharing-economy market is growing, creating a gap in the market for a service coordinating delivery. Lowering the threshold for customers to sell unwanted items, or share items using our hassle-free C2C delivery service. Most users who were satisfied with the second-hand experience sent items by mail (2-3 day delivery time), even though the buyer and seller lived in the same city.


Hassle-free secondhand delivery

A bike delivery service taking take care of coordination and packaging. Just let the courier know where you are and who you're sending it to, and we'll package your item and find out where the recipient wants their package to be delivered.

  • Your address is secure in the app and only shared with the courier.

  • Edit the drop-off location until the package is picked up.

  • Saving the environment and your wallet by using reusable packaging.

  • Measure package size using your phone's camera.​​


Service take care of when and where

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