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Quickly realizing the limitations of AR-Quick Look and the lack of visual fidelity and performance, I decided to learn how to develop an iOS app, which allowed me to deliver a more immersive and engaging experience to Vard's sales representatives. Overall, this project taught me the value of adaptability and problem-solving, and I am proud of the end result, even thought I wore the new hat of being a developer.


Showcasing Vard ZeroClass in Augmented Reality


Models optimized


Files size reduction


Framerate for applications


Average 3D model file size.



6 Weeks


Jon Fauske - Models

Me - Optimization + App

Vard is a ship design company that has sales representatives who travel to conferences and trade shows to showcase their designs to potential customers. The company wanted to make their models more accessible and engaging for these presentations, so they approached me to create a solution using augmented reality (AR) technology.


AR for Ship Design: A Solution for Vard

AR Ship Application

Vard AR is an iOS app that allows Vard's customer to experience the Zero Vision Series of Ships in Augmented Reality.

This application allows Vard to showcase their designs to customers in a more interactive and engaging way, providing a service that increases customer satisfaction and provides a more immersive look at the ships.

XCode, RealityKit, ARKit, and Performance Optimization.

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