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Ludvig - Shower chair

Human bodies are different. Ludvig is different.

An ergonomic chair for older adults who need support and aid in the shower. 

We learned to use rapid prototyping as a part of the process and utilized full-scale 3D printing as a design tool.

Made together with: Hanne Lockertsen, Karianne Skrettingland, Mira Beichmann Krogh.

Soft curves, to keep you comfortable and in place.

A soft and friendly shape for the intimacy of the bathroom.

The slanted edges guide the water off the chair after use.

Easy assembly, with self-securing weight mechanism.

Made for you.

And the environment.

Letting you choose between three different sizes of seats and legs, will let you customize your shower chair according to the measurements of your body

Want to change the configuration? You can easily order new parts, and swap them to renew your chair.

Behind The Scene

Throughout the design process, we used a variety of tools. Because of lockdown, we had to get creative when making prototypes and getting a feel of the product. I personally used VR and 3D printing to understand the shapes and proportions on a better level than just a drawing.

Sketching and ideation were mainly done with sketches on paper that were shared in a group chat, and some of us used 3D software to prototype and make mockups. When the workshop at school opened, we got a full scale prototype made.

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